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Odoo CMS - a big picture

Simplifying IT is now that simple

All you need is a common Gigabit switch, fit your nodes into the rack, plug the cables and press the powerbutton. There's your ready to use private cloud.

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State of the art Virtualization, Supporting all modern operating systems. Delivering high performance VMs and providing easy migration from physical or virtual environments.


Forgot about SAN's headhaches: NodeWeaver provides a single "Sea of Storage" that supports unlimited deduplicated snapshots. You can scale just by adding nodes.


Manage any kind of network from a single endpoint. NodeWeaver gives you the flexibility of SDN by keeping it straightforward to use.

Autonomic Management

NodeWeaver is designed with a great focus on autonomic management. Automatically handling failures, load distribution and replicas to let you focus on your job.


Not only for Servers, but also for Desktops. NodeWeaver comes with a full Desktop-as-a-Service support at no extra cost. Enjoy persistent or disposable desktops with USB device redirection

Hybrid Ready

Move your workload to external data centers. Raplidly create a live Disaster Recovery site. Enjoy a NodeWeaver distributed infrastructure